We at Key Solar are dedicated to offering what is in the best interest of the customer, not just the company. While the majority of solar companies are focused on employee recruitment and keeping their investors or executives happy with big profit margins and rising stock prices, we make taking great care of each homeowner our top priority, offering the best product for the best price possible, with a knowledgeable consultant to help every step of the way.

While overseeing the sales and operations in western Maryland for one of the largest nationwide residential solar providers, we learned that bigger isn’t always better. With such a large portion of the cost of installing solar being “soft costs” (everything but the equipment itself), homeowners are able to save more if they choose a reputable company that is able to keep overhead low without compromising quality.


We care about our customers

Produce and Reduce

Solar power + Energy Efficiency

Local Operations

Low overhead



We know the market inside and out!

Key Solar is locally owned and operated, by individuals that live in the areas they serve. We know the local market well, and we care about our local and global communities, making a charitable donation on behalf of every home we install solar panels on.

Combining decades of experience in solar, energy-efficiency, home improvement, sales and most importantly, customer care, we have what it takes to help homeowners find a solution that best fits their situation.