Why Solar in 2019?

Save Money, Create value , Clean,Renewable Energy

Tax Credit

30% federal tax credit for solar scheduled to decrease in 2020, and go away completely by 2022! This tax credit makes solar affordable and saves homeowners thousands on their solar panels.

Energy Credits

Solar Renewable Energy Credits in Maryland are at a 3 year high! These credits are paid to the homeowner by the utility company for producing their own energy- even if they use it all themselves! This is free money that the utilities pay solar homeowners to help keep Maryland green.

Electricity Cost

Everyone has an electricity cost- either to pay to buy electricity from the utility company, or to invest in solar that produces their energy for them. This isn’t adding an additional bill- it’s replacing one that you’ve had ever since you started paying bills! Why not produce your own clean energy for the same or cheaper monthly cost?

Utility Costs

Utility costs continue to rise- at a national average of 4.5% a year. Going solar gives you a monthly payment that never goes up- so while your neighbors bills continue to rise, you’re still paying the same amount as the day you installed!

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